How to join Network FullScreen-registration Guide Network FullScreen-Join Network Fullscreen Youtube-Network Reputation. Make money from Youtube with the Network’s FullScreen

Today I will guide you to join 1 network youtube, delicious. and the net work is standing in the top 10 network’s prestige in the world in number of participants and the reliability.
It’s the Network’s Fullscreen.
Here I will say some pros about this network.

-Network youtube Fullscreen Just 100 views in 1, does not need the number of sub.

-Fast payment through paypal, and you transfer money on the fastest Bank after google pegs monthly will then pay you within 8-20 monthly.

-Support you against death by channel repot community, copyright …

-The prestige, quick support.

-When the you up video to youtube error exclamation (!) cannot earn money, then after entering the Network your video Fullscreen will run out of exclamation! and turn the money was right.

Special rate eat up according to your channel capabilities: it is:
The first level is 70/30-80/20 (You are 80% and 20% net) and then will increase if you channel more than 100 sub, the rate you get more than 90/10 (you are 90% of the amount and the Net income 10%)-(revealing many of you that the net for you 70% is less but please ladies that this net stand top network world should ad rates are many and expensive so if so then than the other 99% of all those I tried to compare, and then along the same video views that are more than $ fullscreen Net.)
Would we start registration.

B1. (You should login accounts have registered first youtube channel)
First of all from your browser to the following link : Join Network FullScreen


(Encourage you to follow this link: – Here is the link admin demo, When you register for this link, you rest assured every issue will be the best support )

Next you choose to Apply by clicking on select Connect as drawings.

Select The Allow

If having this image then Select an account (channels) that you would like to join the net as picture.If no then move on to the next step

Fill out the form after completion of select Continue

Then you will be signing a contract with you to move the slider down to the end of the text click on the signature will show up 1 small table you fill out your name on it and then select Click to sign

So you have completed, the Net work will send you a mail to you to participate in the Net.

When receiving mail that you follow the steps to complete and earn money immediately.

Step 1: You log on and select channel 1 channel you want on the network, Yes (if not then skip)

Step 2: you go to the overview page Or this Link
See this image you Select “learn more

Step 3: Select “Continue

Step 4: You select the “Join the network

Step 5 you select “finish

Okay, okay, you’ve become a youtube partner-partner of the Network’s Fullscreen., now on video management and monetization.

As The Picture Is Done.

You can see the two pictures to know that this Network into very easy when no need register with sub and just 100 views in 30 days. Click on image to enlarge look better.

Added: after the review you will receive a mail to approve the form of the following:
Click here to create pass! 

Min pay of net (updated 2016 because the you ask more) see you later!

So this net can pay from $ 1, wish you have a new year of success.



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