Making money from youtube need to know the following Knowledge


You are starting, or have started long ago but the stuff you make after can make you earn some money, can not have “Spot” Let’s surf through:

1: the concept has a lot of views need not think of content:

Many estimate you think just interested in views are not interested in the content and the usefulness of the video for people to watch, causing video views down rather than up, so please concern on the content before uploading

2: the Video as long as possible to earn more money?

Not really wrong, but you are a beginner, you should not download the video too long, according to the statistics except movies, music the rest of the new category on youtube, just add 2 minutes viewed, unless compelling content, so let’s start from short videos.

3: only know caught before?

See the channel of 1 you have multiple view on Youtube instant, getting ahead … Not or for LAM because youtube need more unique creativity “do nothing”

4: do not know, do not say, do not ask, do not refer to

That is why your development slowed, if not know, need advice you should see, search name … don’t like “full glass of water” does not only wish to acquire better knowledge. so you’ll be the backward.Dullness. … Please contact us now to get the best support. According to the Link (


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