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Today the Admin will guide you:

Youtube video channel registration With Network scalelab
Guide to joining Network scalelab
Network scalelab and how to join?

This net is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Prior to forming ScaleLab, Mr. Brenner is CEO of the media itself, a production and distribution TV/Internet company, based in London and Beverly Hills. Under the management of Mr. Brenner, principal Media founded more than 150 hours of television and online programs for National Geographic, Sky Travel Channel, Fox reality and others.(Featured!)

Proof of payment-Pay from network scalelab

-Diverse payment, Bank, paypal and. .. Recurring payment last month.
-Participation conditions and quick, simple review.
-The rate of food divided into Network scalelab from 60-75% and varies depending on your channel.
-On Network scalelab video killed the exclamation (!) will turn on make money is off
-Join the Network scalelab to stop the country for your videos … ….

      Now Admin will guide you to register Network scalelab 

Step 1: (you should login accounts have registered first youtube channel)

First of all from your browser to the following link:


(Encourage you to follow this link:  https://www.Network scalelab/gioithieuscalelab – this is the link admin demo, When you register for this link, you rest assured every issue will be the best support. )

Step 2: Choose according to the arrow image to start register 
Click “Apply Now with youtube”

Step 3: this image appears, you choose 1 youtube account I want to join the Network
Step 4: Network scalelab want to see your channel, You select “Allow” such as the arrow shapes.

Step 5: fill in the form-fill out the Mail (Mail to sign, to remember) the box below is the name, your full name, then the area of the “v” button to agree to terms join Network scalelab
Finishing options: “APPLY NOW” to join the network soon.
If the correct information, the rate of more then 1000 View will appear as accepted registration table here
You wait for Network scalelab channel review will then send a mail to you, your Job after the Network scalelab accept was to Channel into the net and make money as follows:

Step 1. ( Vào kênh bạn ) Trang tổng quan

Go to your YouTube Dashboard. ( Vào Theo YouTube Dashboard. )
In the top right corner you should see your invitation from ScaleLab Affiliate.
Click the gray Learn more button.

Step 2. ( Bước 2 chọn chấp nhận lời mời )

Click the blue Continue button.

Step 3.  ( Chọn Tham Gia )

Check the I Accept box, then click the blue Join Network button.

Step 4. ( Chọn Hoàn Tất )

Congratulations, you have joined ScaleLab! Click Done.
Please let us know if you have any problems locating and accepting the invite.
Once you have accepted your YouTube invitation, we will respond with a welcome email within two business days advising you of next steps.

That’s it, Admin wish you success with Network scalelab Make a lot of $ $ $ $ If have questions need help please contact via facebook! Thank you ….


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